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Links and resources [Aug. 29th, 2006|03:16 am]
Interfaith art and crafts for religious purposes


Welcome, everyone! Does anyone have any suggestions for links and resources I could put in the user info, or just ideas for adding to or changing the user info come to that? Someone gave a link for a rosary supplier in the previous post, for instance. You could also mention books which may be useful, or other communities which would be good to link to (and if you want to advertise there, please do).

I'm your friendly moderator, and I'll probably co-opt a few more if anyone's interested. Despite practically everyone on jewishwomen having volunteered, I think it'd be good to have mods from other faiths to begin with. I'm Jewish, living in the UK, and I embroider mainly. You can see what I've been working on here: I made myself a tallit [prayer shawl] last summer, and I'm now designing a challah [ritual bread] cloth for my best friend's sister, who's getting married in a couple of months.

[User Picture]From: saucypunk
2006-08-29 03:14 am (UTC)
awesome! Thanks for creating & moderating it :-)

I might be interested in co-moderating -- what exactly does that entail? I'm just starting seminary this fall with a probable focus in urban ministry/social ethics, but I'm toying with a focus in "theology and the arts" as I'm also an avid fiber and collage artist. Up to this point I haven't combined the two interests much, but it's up to you whether you think that's important for moderating.
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[User Picture]From: elettaria
2006-08-29 10:57 am (UTC)
Co-moderating won't involve much: I will be surprised if we get much in the way of troublemakers, and the rest is just a matter of little things like adding links to the user info. But it's useful to have more than one mod because sod's law dictates that some nutter will turn up when the mod is computerless (we had no end of fun in gothic_lit a year ago), and I'd also like to have a few faiths represented. I'll hopefully drag in elfbystarlight for the pagan side of things.

I've not advertised this place that widely and it'd be nice to have a slightly larger crowd, any ideas for where I should try?
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[User Picture]From: christychristy
2006-08-31 02:57 pm (UTC)
If saucypunk winds up not wanting to do it, I wouldn't mind being the protestant mod. However, I can personally recommend her total awesomeness over my own.

In any event I am excited about this community-- maybe advertise to crafting communities as well as faith based ones? I think in crafting communities, promotion would be best recieved if you post a photo of, say, your tallit along with a mention of the new comm.
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